Explore your child’s potential with Developmental Profile 3 at Hissah Enrichment Center

Hissah Enrichment Center is a unique center that responds to the region’s growing need to provide education, training and consulting in areas related to coping with societal change and to strengthen personal & professional relationships in the workplace, the home and the community. We believe every individual is unique and therefore, our assessments and services provided are tailored to meet the needs and requirements of individual.  Our services are designed for the well-being of individuals of all ages and most essentially the development of children and the youth.

As parents and caregivers, we aim to provide our children with the best resources so as to help them grow to their fullest potential. Hissah Enrichment Center can prove to be the right platform for your children to grow, develop and master skills to reach their goals and achieve success. The Development Profile 3 (DP-3) is an apt assessment that can help you understand the potential of your child and to train them in various skills that can help them achieve their developmental goals.

DP-3 assessment is an internationally well-known and well-established measure of child development. The five scales namely; physical, adaptive behavior, social-emotional, cognitive, and communication are designed to assess the development and functioning of children from birth through age 12. The DP-3 tests a full range of skills, from serious delay through above average ability, up through approximately age 7 to 9 years (depending upon the scale). At higher ages, its primary use is in identifying skills that are below average and in providing assurance that the skills of higher functioning children are at least within the normal range.

In addition, we provide skill building sessions and workshops that can help your child master different skills required in their day to day life which we will be discussing in our next article.

For more information on our assessments and services contact our Center Assessment Manager, Ms. Anne Cherian on anne@hissahec.com or call +971526414966

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About the author

Anne Cherian
Anne Cherian

Anne completed her Bachelors and Masters in Psychology from University of Kerala, India where she specialized in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. During her college years, Anne actively participated in different community service programs. She was involved in the National Service Scheme where she took part in community development programs for the rural people. For her dissertation, she studied the effect of cultural influence on career decisions made by individuals belonging to individualistic and collectivistic society. She was awarded ASPIRE scholarship for her work with Dialysis patients where she identified the factors that lead to distress in patients undergoing hemodialysis. She also completed an internship with a recruitment agency in New York, United Sates where she learned the dynamics of human resourcing and head hunting. She was able to understand the different sources that recruiters use to recruit their candidates and also identify the traits and qualities that recruiters looked for. This helped her to form a foundation in human resourcing and also recognize the essential aspects of recruitment. The internship also helped her to familiarize herself with the intricacies of team management where the team leaders supervised their teams and set goals based on the potential of their team members.

Anne was born and raised in the U.A.E and for this reason she chose to move back to her second home, Dubai to build her career. She started working with Canon Emirates where she worked as an Assistant to the Human Resources and Administration Manager. This experience helped her to understand the work culture in the Middle East and also the human resourcing policies of the United Arab Emirates. She then moved on to work as a Psychometric Coordinator with Executive Development and Management Advisory where she conducted assessments for executives in junior and senior roles. She was involved in the design and implementation of various in-house assessments. She also had the opportunity to work in the field of Aviation Psychology where she tested and interviewed pilots, first officers and cabin crew. Anne has also worked with nonprofit organizations like Medwiser where she helped with the testing of HATS system which is an online screening for HIV/AIDS.

Anne is an international affiliate with American Psychological Association. She looks forward to widening the scope of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in the Middle East and is intently working towards the same.

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