Anger Problems? Learn How to Manage at HEC Anger Management Workshops

There is a story that goes like this: There was an apprentice who had serious anger problems. One day, his master gave him a bucket of nails and told him that every time he said a hurtful word or did a mean thing because of his anger, he should hammer one of the nails into the wooden fence outside. The apprentice took the nails and did as his master commanded. Whenever he apologized for a wrong act, his master would ask him to pull out a nail. This continued for a while and with time the apprentice began to control his temper. Soon there were no nails in the fence at all.

When this happened, the master took the apprentice outside and showed him the fence. He asked the apprentice what he could see and he replied saying he could only see the holes of where the nails had once been. The master then said, “You took out the nails but you can never fill those holes again. What is done in anger can be apologized for but you can never repair the damage you’ve wreaked.”

Anger is a normal human emotion and it is unrealistic to expect people not to get angry. But uncontrolled anger is the real danger and it is toxic to any relationship. It is an incredibly damaging force that costs people personal relationships, creates issues in the workplace and can even get to the extreme level of ultimately taking lives. Suppressed anger works inwards rather than outwards, eating away at all forms and sources of happiness till all that is left is anxiety, depression, rage and eventually a complete system breakdown. Anger can cause serious emotional and social problems and can leave a person feeling antagonized and alone.

Anger is actually an instinctual response that allows us to protect ourselves from emotional or physical harm. Socially, as anger is a negative emotion, it is discouraged to display or express, so most people end up bottling it up. Suppressing any emotion is difficult and over time we end up hurting ourselves. When we feel angry, there are emotional and physical changes that happen. Our heart and pulse rates shoot up; pupils dilate and muscles tense up. In response to this adrenaline rush, we may want to lash out, scream or hurl something.

Effective management and control of anger comes when we can express our feelings in a non-aggressive manner. Many times, this is not something which can be achieved on your own. Hissah Enrichment Center has the solutions you are looking for with our highly effective anger management workshops. No matter where you are, these courses are available. The goal of anger management is to reduce both the emotional and physical changes that arise. In these workshops, individuals are taught how to effectively channel their anger and respond in a positive, non-threatening manner.

Resolution and control comes when trainers help individuals identify the root of their anger issues. Sometimes past hurt feelings and painful situations left unaddressed result in future anger issues. Inability to handle stressful situations and work deadlines may also convert into mismanaged anger. When the root issues are identified, individuals can feel that they have a better grip on their situation. This can help remove any sense of helplessness and loss of control as they begin their journey toward a positive, anger-free life.

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Sabeen Islam
Sabeen Islam

Sabeen Islam obtained her Bachelors degree in Counseling Psychology from Effat University in Saudi Arabia. Keen to pursue graduate studies in the field, she completed her Masters degree in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine at Northcentral University, Arizona in 2009. An avid reader and writer from an early age, Sabeen honed these skills throughout her student life and beyond. Indeed, while living in Malaysia from 2010-2011, Sabeen completed an intensive course in Creative Writing which opened up a whole new world of writing for her.

In 2012, Sabeen moved to Pakistan with her husband and embarked on an academic career at SZABIST, a renowned university in Karachi. She taught introductory Psychology courses to freshman students enrolled in Business Studies as well as Developmental Psychology courses to senior Social Science students. More recently, Sabeen has been immersed in the world of motherhood and enjoys spending important quality time with her two young children. As the main writer for the Hissah Enrichment Center blog, Sabeen is excited and re-energised by the opportunity to combine her passion for Psychology and writing in her work at the center.

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