At Hissah Enrichment Center we believe in enriching lives through our services which are designed to address key issues affecting us in the workplace and at home. As experts in the field, we understand that individuals undergo various issues in their daily lives which may range from managing stress at the workplace to handling relationship / parenting issues at home.

Our blog aims to educate and inspire individuals to reflect as well as understand more about themselves and to deal with issues they face through constructive guidance. The blog will focus on different topics ranging from life skills, emotional well-being, nutrition, parenting, emotional intelligence, child safety to our events and workshops taking place in and out of Hissah Enrichment Center. In addition, the blog provides a platform for readers to interact with our experts and gain further insights on the topics discussed in the blog through our comments section. The Contact tab on our blog provides our readers with the opportunity to reach out to our experts with an added advantage of privacy.

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Stay tuned for the launch of‘The Lama Campaign’ this April. The Lama Campaign is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the protection and well-being of Muslim children and youth through education and awareness. Lama Younis, a children’s rights activist, founded the organization with the goal of educating children and adults on child abuse in all its forms through prevention programs, public awareness, training and advocacy. The organization aspires to forge, guide and support a commitment by families, communities and nations to prevent child abuse so as to ensure that every child grows up in a secure and healthy environment.

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